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Banana Pi is better known for its Arm Linux boards, but the company’s Banana Pi BPI-Leaf-S3 board features Espressif ESP32-S3 dual-core WiFi & BLE AI processor, with compatibility with ESP32-S3-DevKitC-1 minus a built-in USB to TTL chip, and added support for battery and an I2C connector.

Banana Pi Leaf (BPI-Leaf-S3) specifications:

The company provides basic instructions to get started with the Banana Pi Leaf-S3 board using the ESP-IDF framework, MicroPython, or the Arduino IDE, as well as more technical including PDF schematics on the Wiki. The development flow will mostly be the same as ESP32-S3-DevKitC-1 (e.g. select ESP32S3 Dev Module in the Arduino IDE), except for the programming step as a USB to TTL chip is not included, and you’d need to use the HOLD button to enter bootloader mode.

The Banana Pi BPI-Leaf-S3 board is sold on Aliexpress for $7.5 plus shipping. That seems a little high for an ESP32 board, but it seems ESP32-S3 hardware commands a higher price, at least for now, if we look at other such boards on Aliexpress.

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Can’t see the display or a typo?

Yes, I rushed writing this post before hitting the road, and that’s a copy/paste mess up.

seems like the new IP is Bluetooth comparing to S2

I would prefer having a properly CE/FCC module on a dev board rather than a bananaware developed unshielded piece of jammer

Well, I’m all in for ESPs but at the same time I’m all out for BANANWARE

I get what you mean when it comes to SBC but there is little they can do wrong as all are running the ref design (or at least very little change) and was hoping we might see some cheaper clones. I guess having to use a serial console on gpio is not much of a big problem

Its a great price for what I have seen as most have been double but 4mb psram on the S3 seemed to be a norm. S3 with its vector instructions is a pretty powerful microcontroller mainly with DSP due to those vector instructions. Same when it comes to running models and shame there isn’t a few more layers than basic CNNs and stuff.

Its relatively new though and if it does get economies of sale it should get cheaper it kicks the ass of its ESP32 and totally demolishes as Pico.

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