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2023-04-19 09:04:41 By : Ms. Linda Luo

Fashion trends come, go and then resurface — especially when it comes to jeans. The once-dominant skinny jean silhouette has taken a back seat while nostalgic ’90s style loose-fitting jeans are having a moment that doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon.

And speaking of jeans with a roomier fit, there’s one trend that’s taking TikTok by storm: barrel jeans. These jeans feature a high waist and — like the name suggests — exaggerated barrel-like wide legs that finish with a tapered hem. With their unique design, it can be difficult to figure out how to style these jeans, which is why we asked actual stylists for their best tips on how to sport them in a flattering way. Men's Vintage Patchwork Jeans

How To Style Barrel-Leg Jeans, 2023

Tamra Byrd, a Dallas-based fashion stylist, told HuffPost over email that the key to styling barrel-leg jeans is to focus on your proportions.

“Since barrel jeans are wider through the thigh and crop at the ankle, you should try a top option that is more fitted or closer to the body,” she said.

Byrd suggested pairing barrel jeans with a bodysuit, crop top or a slightly oversized top or jacket. “When choosing a crop top or jacket, make sure it stops either at the waistline or slightly above the waistline of the jean,” she said.

If you’re interested in hopping on the barrel jean trend, we asked Byrd and other stylists for their favorite pairs below, plus added few cutes ones we found ourselves to refresh your wardrobe.

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How To Style Barrel-Leg Jeans, 2023

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