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The global market of pressure washer market was valued at USD 1,718.31 million in 2020 to USD 2223.40 million by 2027, at a CAGR of 3.75% from 2021 to 2027. A pressure washer is a piece of powerful equipment that uses high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, paint, mold, dust, and other grime from hard surfaces such as buildings, walls, roofs, and swimming pools, among others. Pressure washers have widespread applications in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. The mechanical pressure of a pressure washer is measured in terms of pounds per square inch (PSI) or bar, which can be regulated by adjusting the unloader value and using various types of nozzles. Pressure washers can produce a pressure level of 750−4,000 PSI or above.

The components of a pressure washer include an electric motor that drives the pump system, a high-pressure resistance hose, and a filter. As soon as the pressure washer is triggered, water is ejected at high pressure through the outlet. For residential pressure washers, output, water flow, area performance, weight, accessories, and power source are determining factors for their purchase. It can be used to clean gardening tools, bicycles, walls, staircases, swimming pools, motorcycles, fences, cars, vans, trucks, and furniture. Commercial pressure washers are used for cleaning and polishing cars, trucks, and other commercial vehicles. They are also used in industries for effectively removing oil, grease, and rust for the proper maintenance of industrial equipment. In the food industry, pressure washers are used to maintain the overall cleanliness of a place. A hot water high-power pressure washer can effectively reduce 35% of the cleaning time and provide an improved cleaning outcome.

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Artists also use pressure washers to create reverse graffiti, using small templates and easy techniques. Reverse graffiti is made by removing dirt from the places and creating images. It is usually made on concrete or stone surfaces, and the art may disappear within weeks. Karcher with artist Klaus Dauven started reverse graffiti on places such as Oleftalsperre, a dam in Hellenthal in the Eifel region of Germany, and the Matsudagawa Dam near the Japanese city of Ashikaga. Pressure washers are widely used in the commercial car washing industry and domestic car washing purposes. Asia has the largest vehicle fleet with a 34.02% global share in 2015, followed by the Americas with a 32.27% share. Asia also has the highest vehicle fleet growth during 2010−2015, with an absolute growth rate of 46.11%. The high rate of vehicle ownership is expected to continue in Asia, especially in China and India. The rising vehicle ownership in Asian countries is expected to drive the market for pressure washers.

High-pressure washers are extensively used for cleaning cars, motorcycles, bikes, and other vehicles. The incredible growth of the vehicle washing industry is likely to drive the demand for pressure washers. Further, the rising number of vehicles is expected to fuel the demand for car washing. In 2012, the number of car washes was approximately 2% more than the previous year. Within ten years, the number of car washes is expected to increase by 10%. Between 1996 and 2014, the number of consumers using car washes increased by 19.2%. The car washing industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of more than 3.3% after 2018.

Some of the major trends that are driving the industry is rising disposable income. With the rising disposable income, consumer spending on non-essential yet desirable goods and services is expected to grow. Secondly, the increasing sales of new and used vehicles are also expected to propel the car washing industry. Lastly, professional car washers use modern equipment such as pressure washers to reduce water wastage by more than 60%.

The rising adoption of alternative cleaning technologies such as foam-based cleaning, heat cleaning, sandblasting, vapor blasting, or traditional cleaning by hand is a major challenge for the market’s growth during the forecast period. Although pressure washers can be useful in cleaning dirt, paint, graffiti, oil, or grime from hard surfaces, pressure washers aren’t the ideal solution in most cases. Several cleaning companies offer cleaning of homes and walkways using traditional methods using industrial soap and regular hoses. Although cleaning by hand could be more expensive, the cleaning is done without the stress and noise of high-pressure washers. Another innovative cleaning technology that some companies are currently using is the foam cleaning method. This technology is used to clean tough stains on hard surfaces. Thick foam is spread over the surface; the biological agents present in the foam sink deep into the stain and can be washed off without any pressure. The foam cleaning method can be used to clean the sides of houses, walkways, driveways, and most of the other surfaces where a pressure washer can be used.

The popularity of cordless or battery-powered pressure washers has been rising significantly in recent years. With the rapid improvements in battery power and intensity, sales of cordless pressure washers are expected to surpass sales of corded electric pressures by 2026. The current cordless pressure washers can run up to 40 minutes without charging, on average. However, the cost of a cordless pressure washer is higher than that of the average electric pressure washer. A cordless pressure washer, on average, costs 3−4 times more than that of an electric corded pressure washer. Again, these machines are less powerful than electric or gas-powered pressure washers.

One of the biggest advantages of cordless products is their portability. These machines can be used without electric and water supply. Being lightweight, these machines can be carried easily. Further, battery-powered pressure washers are quieter, require less maintenance, and do not produce fumes. The machines are generally designed for light-duty and domestic or residential usage.

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The study categorizes the pressure washer market based on the power source, output, end user, and regions.

The global pressure washer market has segmented into electric, gas, and battery based on the power source. In 2020, Electic had the largest market revenue share of 85% in the global market of pressure washers. Electric pressure washers are used for cleaning small decks, patios, furniture, and other light-duty cleaning purposes. Electric pressure washers are mainly used for stain removal and domestic usage. These machines are generally lightweight, making them highly portable. Some electric pressure washers are very powerful, with a maximum pressure of more than 2,500 PSI. The machines are also equipped with various attachments to regulate the pressure as per the usage. The electric pressure washers require lesser maintenance than gas- or diesel-powered pressure washers. The major parts of these pressure washers do not need to be replaced, and there is no cost of purchasing the gas or oil. However, the power cord of the machine limits the maneuverability of the equipment. Cord extensions are also not recommended for electric pressure washers since they can cause workers to trip and fall. This makes the machine inconvenient for usage in areas without an electric supply.

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Based on region, the global pressure washer market is segmened into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and the Middle East and Africa. The Asia Pacific has a growth rate of 4.84% during the forecast period and has a revenue share of 17.5% globally in 2020. The Asia-Pacific pressure washer market is analyzed across Japan, China, India, Australia, and the rest of Asia Pacific. The rise in demand for cleaning equipment in these countries is supported by their strong economic growth, increased construction activities, an aging population, and higher disposable income.

In Japan, the rising construction activities mainly support the growth of the pressure washer market in the country. However, the mature nature of the market and the shrinking population are major challenges for development. In China, the market is witnessing a slowdown as it is trending towards saturation. The growth is mainly supported by the rising demand in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, mainly owing to improving awareness about the benefits of outsourcing cleaning services. Further, the rapid urbanization and construction activities are also fueling the market growth. In Australia, the demand for cleaning equipment is primarily driven by government and educational institutes outsourcing cleaning services. In India, contract cleaning is a comparatively new market. The rising cost of maintenance of in-house cleaning staff is expected to drive the demand for contract cleaning services, which, in turn, would fuel the market for pressure washers in India. In Vietnam, pressure washers are an untapped market and are expected to witness rapid growth given the rise in many business establishments and residential apartments.

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The global pressure washer market is fragmented into a few major players and local, small, and mid-sized manufacturers/providers. Some of the major players dominating the market include Alfred Karcher, Nilfisk, Stanley Black & Decker Ltd., SunJoe, Dewalt, Robert Bosch, Briggs & Stratton, and FNA Group. These market players are adopting growth strategies to strengthen their position in the market. Product launches and partnerships are the key growth strategies adopted by different key players in the market.

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