New microphones from Universal Audio and a new wireless monitor in this week's news roundup

2022-03-24 03:32:58 By : Ms. Jane He

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This week's news roundup features a new wireless monitor, new high spec microphones from Universal Audio, and new lights from Godox.

NANUK has released it’s new protective waterproof case for the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, 6K or 6K Pro. This case features a high-quality custom-cut foam insert to protect with or without a cage, 2 lenses, 5 LP-E6 batteries, and two more slots for additional accessories. It is great to have a case with a slot for everything that makes packing for shoots easier and seeing everything prevents anything from been lost or left behind.

The dimensions for this case works well for travel: L20.5″ x W11.3″ x H7.5″ meets all airline requirements for check-in and carry-on. As empty, it weighs 12.6 lbs | 5.72 kg and it comes with different colours. Pricing and availability have yet to be released, but other custom-cut 935 cases generally sell for below $300, which is worth the investment to keep your gear safe and sound.

Fairly new company to the markets, Shimbol has just unveiled its new 5.5” wireless monitor: the Shimbol ZO600M. Shimbol is a Chinese brand that specialises in wireless video and audio solutions. This latest monitor is no different. Geared with integrated wireless video and audio transmission capabilities, this 5.5” monitor is an affordable option.

The monitor has both a transmitter (TX) or a receiver (RX). When used solely as a TX, this monitor can support multiple receiving devices. The system works with the 5.1-5.8GHz frequency band, which is not a zero-latency system. Meaning, the video and audio signals will travel with a 80ms delay. Shimbol ZO600M features a 1920×1080 screen with a contrast ratio of 1200:1 and a peak brightness of 1000 nits. The HDMI ports support FullHD input and up to 60fps output signals. The monitor’s dimensions are 151x103x29.5mm and it weighs 300g. 

Founded in 1958, Universal Audio produces some of the best recording products in the audio industry.  It has now entered the microphone market with the first of six models, including the SD-1 cardioid microphone for studio use and the SP-1 pair of pencil microphones, ideal for recording stereo room tones. 

The Universal Audio SD-1 is a dynamic cardioid microphone that captures vocals, instruments, live streams, and podcasts for broadcast-quality audio. This is great for today’s Youtubers, vloggers and podcasters. It’s flat frequency response goes from 50 Hz–16 kHz and you can connect it to your camera via 3-pin XLR connector. To keep your recordings clean, the SD-1 comes with a selectable low cut filter. This enhances articulation, vocals and instruments and cuts down any unwanted low-end noise. The Universal Audio SD-1 is available now for $299. 

Universal Audio also revealed the SP-1, a pair of small-diaphragm condenser stereo microphones. These are designed for recording instruments and live performances, but we are still waiting for further information. The UA SP-1 pair will cost you $499, and it will be available this summer. 

Godox is a lighting equipment expert offering quality lighting solutions at a very competitive price.

The Godox SL300II joins the existing 150W and 200W models in the SL II series, but with a more powerful option. This light is a Bowens-mount daylight-balanced (5600K ± 200) LED fixture that is completely dimmable (0-100%). The SL300II comes with 8 built-in effects: 3 flash, 3 storm, TV, and broken bulb effects. The control system is located from the panel on the back of the unit. The light is rigged with a U-shaped yoke that enables 330° freedom of movement. The optional RC-A6 controller enables remote control of all settings, since it doesn’t mention any compatibility with any smartphone apps. This LED light can only be powered by the 3-pin power cord.

Godox Litemons LA Series: daylight and bi-color are budget-friendly lighting series. These are aimed for content creators looking to find an affordable lighting solution. Just like SL300II, these lights come with the same 8 lighting effects, but the bi-color models offer three additional effects: Candle, Fire, and Firework. The LA Series are fully compatible with the Godox Light app.

The SL300II can be purchased now for $499. The Litemons LA Series comes at a more convenient price: LA150D – $219, LA150Bi – $259 LA200D – $299 and LA200Bi – $349.

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