Argentina Power Cord Standard Plug AC Power Cord

Suitable Cables:H03VVH2-F 2×0.5-0.75mm2H03VV-F 2×0.5-0.75mm2H05VV-F 2×0.75-1.0mm2H05VVH2-F 2×0.75-1.0mm2H05V2V2H2-F 2×0.75-1.0mm2H05RN-F 2×0.75-1.0mm2H05RR-F 2×0.75-1.0mm2 Suitable Cables:H03VVH2-F 2×0.5-0.75mm2H03VV-F 2×0.5-0.75mm2H05VV-F 2×0.75-1.0mm2Argentina Po

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Suitable Cables:
H03VVH2-F 2×0.5-0.75mm2
H03VV-F 2×0.5-0.75mm2
H05VV-F 2×0.75-1.0mm2

H05VVH2-F 2×0.75-1.0mm2

H05V2V2H2-F 2×0.75-1.0mm2

H05RN-F 2×0.75-1.0mm2

H05RR-F 2×0.75-1.0mm2


Suitable Cables:
H03VVH2-F 2×0.5-0.75mm2H03VV-F 2×0.5-0.75mm2H05VV-F 2×0.75-1.0mm2

Argentina Power Cord 10 Amp 2 Wire IRAM 2063 Standard Plug AC Power Supply Cords, Power Cord,IRAM ApprovedArgentina Iram Plug Power Supply Cords Power Cord Iram Approved

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